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We are facing a hardship in sections of our county, specifically in commercial and industrial areas. We have a severely limited ability to access affordable, quality internet which is placing some of our businesses at a disadvantage. In short, they cannot compete with other businesses that have more access to technology.

I ask you to support a resolution that can be sent to our State representatives, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner, and the Governor stressing the importance of better access to the internet for ALL of Cheatham County.

Secondly, I ask that you take the survey that the TDECD Commissioner has put together to help him in his efforts to access the deficiencies we have as a county. It’s the only way we can have our voices heard in mass. The link

While this is important to me as a business owner, it is equally important to the residents of our county who face the same struggles. Many of our residents do not have access to access affordable, quality internet services which place a hardship on all aspects of their lives including school work/homework/research, ability to stream content for family enjoyment, and on those that work from home.

I am sure you are aware of the direct, positive impact our business has on Cheatham County and can see the importance of helping us keep up with the competition. As a business member of your community who provides jobs, tax revenue, and sustainability, I am asking for your support.

Thank you for your efforts!