We worked with the Joint Economic and Community Development Board, the Cheatham County Visitor and Recreation Board, Cheatham County Government, each of our four municipalities (Pleasant View, Ashland City, Pegram, and Kingston Springs), Pawpaw Partners, Cumberland Region Tomorrow, and USDA Rural Development to create a comprehensive tourism plan and targeted economic strategy in 2013.  The plan won an award from the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) in 2014 and is in the process of being implemented.  Please feel free to read each element of the plan below and help us to make it a reality! We've also created a PowerPoint summary of the plan, complete with photos from many of our local landmarks.

Preface and Introduction

I.  Enhancing County Economies through Tourism

II. Welcome to Cheatham County

III. General Tourism Resources

IV. Recommendations for Development of Cheatham County Resources

V. Boosting Tourism with Arts and Crafts

VI. Growing Visitation through Agritourism

VII. Business Analysis and Targeted Economic Strategy

VIII. Community Development Implementation

Inventory of Cheatham County Tourism Resources