What Does The Chamber Do?

The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst…a common vehicle through which the mutual interests of all segments of the business community work together for the common good of the total community. The Chamber’s goal is the continued growth and prosperity of Cheatham County, and we do whatever is necessary to keep this area’s economic conditions such that people will be willing to risk their resources in the hopes of making a profit. Your success is important to the health of the entire community.

Since 1989, the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce has been committed to building a stronger business community by facilitating community leadership to create economic prosperity. In partnership with member businesses, we are committed to continual improvement of the community, schools, economy and the quality of life through a wide variety of programs. The Chamber works to positively impact the economic vitality and enhance the quality of life in the region, while supporting the growth and prosperity of chamber-member businesses.

If you stop and look around at all the good things happening, you will see a lot of dedicated people behind every one of them, the people of the community and all of the businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce. Our members provide the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and the voluntary service to keep the Chamber going.


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