Chamber Committees

*All committees work in conjunction with the Cheatham County Joint Economic and Community Development office. If you're interested in chairing or joining a committee, please call Brandi at 615.792.6722.

Ambassadors Committee:

Chairperson:  Opportunity Available!
Goal:  To be an advocate and educate the community on the benefits of being a member of the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce.  This committee also works with the current membership to ensure needs are being met. 

Chamber Development Steering Committee:

Chairperson: Opportunity Available!
Goal:  To raise awareness and funding for the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce and the programs housed within the organization.

Economic Development Steering Committee:

Chairperson: Daryl Phillips/Debbie Small
Goal:  To organize and communicate the business community’s voice in regard to regulatory, legislative, and other economic development issues.

Retail Steering Committee:

Chairperson:  Daryl Phillips
Goal:  To increase retail development throughout Cheatham County.

Senior Living Steering Committee:

Chairperson Darrell White
Goal:  To make Cheatham County an attractive opportunity for individuals moving into their retirement years.

Special Events Committee:

Chairperson: Opportunity Available!
Goal: To create, plan, promote, and implement special events, including educational events, networking events, and annual gatherings.

Tourism Steering Committee:

Chairperson: Darwin Newton/Tony Young
Goal:  To make Cheatham County an attractive tourist destination for day visitors and overnight guests. 

Transportation Steering Committee:

 Chairperson: Opportunity Available!
 Goal: To educate, provide plans, and support implementation of strategic options for mass transportation in the Middle Tennessee region, as well as Cheatham County specific.

Women in Business Committee:

Chairperson: Opportunity Available!
Goal:  To create a supportive environment for women to network, learn, educate, and mentor.

Workforce and Education Steering Committee:

Chairperson Valerie Kemp Dreier
Goal:  To unite the business community with the Cheatham County School District and improve the workforce readiness of the county.