Cheatham Vision Plan

I. Cheatham Vision Plan

Cheatham Vision is an four-year, $1,500,000 economic, business and workforce development initiative, funded and directed by the local business community, designed to improve Cheatham County's economy and overall quality of life. The Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce, working in partnership with local public sector leaders through Cheatham Connect, will spearhead this critical initiative.


II. Cheatham Vision Leadership

The implementation of the Cheatham Vision is vital to the future of Cheatham County. We are committing our personal time and the financial resources of our organizations to ensure that this most important economic, business and workforce development plan becomes a reality.

III. Cheatham Vision Economic Impact

In the past, the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce and our business community were content to take a passive role in area business and economic development. However, a quick glance around our state reveals that Tennessee communities currently experiencing economic growth and prosperity operate chambers of commerce that take the lead in creating business, economic, workforce, and tourism development opportunities for new and existing companies. The Chamber, under the leadership of Chris Neese, concluded a visioning process involving more than 50 area business owners and leaders, followed by a planning study involving 85 business and government leaders. Under the resulting plan, Cheatham Vision, the Chamber accepts the challenge of representing local businesses, working with Cheatham Connect and our local elected officials, by reaching outside our community to create jobs, attract new companies, grow our existing businesses, and generate opportunities for our businesses, residents and communities.