Cheatham Vision is an economic, business and workforce development initiative.

Cheatham Vision is an economic, business and workforce development initiative, funded and directed by the local business community, designed to improve Cheatham County’s economy and overall quality of life. The Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce, working in partnership with local public sector leaders through Cheatham Connect, will spearhead this critical initiative.

Our business leaders understand job creation, the Middle Tennessee marketplace, and the competitive advantages of our community. Through the Cheatham County Chamber and Cheatham Connect, these business leaders have constructed an action plan that, when implemented, will generate new jobs, increased consumer spending, higher tax revenues and other measurable economic impacts for our community.

Are you interested in higher paying jobs in our community?

The business community recognizes that we have fewer than 8,000 jobs in our community and the highest out-commute rate in the state. In order for our local economy to be healthy we must bring jobs to Cheatham County that our community desperately needs. Utilizing its financial resources and tapping into each business owner's sphere of influence, the business community will target and recruit companies to our area that fill the needs of our workforce.

Are you interested in a great education for your children?

The business community recognizes the importance of education and is committing financial resources to implement programs in Cheatham County Schools that are aimed at motivating teachers and students to reach greater heights.

Are you interested in living facilities and amenities for senior citizens in Cheatham County?

The business community recognizes the responsibility we all have to senior citizens in our community. Through Cheatham Vision our business leaders are dedicating financial and marketing resources to attract businesses to the area that enhance the quality of life for our local senior residents. Medical services, social opportunities, independent living and assisted living facilities are all necessities that are being addressed through Cheatham Vision.

Are you interested in protecting the natural beauty of Cheatham County?

The business community recognizes the unique beauty of Cheatham County and is investing in the Visitors and Recreation Bureau for programs that will protect, cultivate, and share our natural resources and tourism destinations. Tax revenue generated through these efforts will reduce the tax burden on our citizens.